choosing the perfect wordpress theme?

Deciding on the perfect WordPress theme is one of the first things you need to do when starting your first blog or site. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes available, so don’t get overwhelmed.

Considering the abundance of premium and free themes available, you should have no problems finding something that you like. If you can’t find exactly what you want, then find something that is close and have it customized.The benefits of a premium theme:

  • Quality Code – when it comes to theme customization, well documented code makes things much easier and could save you money.
  • Theme Options – typically they include an “options” page that provides more flexibility when customizing design elements and features within the site.
  • Support Options – as a rule, most premium themes provide instructions for installing.
  • Upgrade Options – most premium themes provide free theme updates that eliminate possible bugs as major WordPress updates are released.

If you have the budget, there are dozens of professional themes out there that may be ready to use upon installation.

5 premium wordpress theme providers

Elegant WordPress Themes – has over 70 premium themes, with their standard theme subscription costing $39 per year or only $89 for a developer license. This is probably the lowest price out there!

Templatic – has over 50 premium themes, with their standard theme subscription costing $65 per theme or $299 per year. They occasionally have 2 for 1 theme sales, so keep your eye out if there is more than one you like.

Mojo Themes – has over 70 premium themes, with their themes ranging from $20-70 each. If you create a “deposit” first, you can receive an additional discount at checkout.

NattyWP – has only 34 premium themes, their standard theme license costing $25 each. They don’t have as many as the first two, but you only need to find one that works.

Obox Design – has only 20 premium themes, though their standard 2 for 1 theme pack costs only $50. Once again, they don’t have as many, but some of these themes have great potential.

The main benefit of free themes is that if you are uncertain about whether a specific theme will work for your blog’s topic and readers, you can try several before settling on the perfect one. To give you some idea of what’s out there, Smashing Magazine has a great article listing 100 free high quality wordpress themes for 2010.