when form meets function, it's a beautiful thing!

about btb

In the fast growing world of the internet, there are so many businesses and individuals who are realizing that finding the right web designer is so overwhelming. Though there are many companies that do web design, there are few that can create both exceptional and innovative sites.

Finding the balance between form and function is the most difficult task when designing a site, so most sites end up at one extreme or the other. With the advances in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), combined with Javascript , web designers no longer need to rely on expensive Flash programming to create well balanced yet eye catching sites.

It is really easy to go overboard with unnecessary design elements, so we strive to keep is simple, and let the site design speak for itself. Using CSS throughout, it allows us to control every element globally within each site, so that site updates and maintenance costs can be minimized. It also provide us the ability to make each site more accessible to disabled people as well as better compatibility between different browsers and operating systems.

our projects

Over the last 10 years, we’ve designed and developed a variety of sites ranging from simple photographer and artist sites to more complex scripted sites. Almost all of the sites we’ve been working on recently are WordPress based, so that you can update your site whenever you want.